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Lomond River Lodge is quiet and relaxing with an atmosphere that reflects its breathtaking surroundings. Nestled in the birch trees adjacent to the famous Lomond River and bordering on Gros Morne National Park, Lomond River Lodge is an ideal vacation spot for travelers. (click here to see where we are located)

The Tablelands

This area offers breathtaking scenery in pristine wilderness regions of one of Eastern Canada's most popular National Parks, Gros Morne. The scenery at Gros Morne ranks among the most spectacular in Eastern Canada: sharp ridges and huge cliffs, coastal bogs and highland tundra, dramatic ocean inlets and lakes. And yet it is not primarily this exceptional natural beauty that has earned the park a spot on the World Heritage List, but rather its remarkable geology. The park is considered a textbook illustration of plate tectonics, the theory that suggests continent sized plates of the Earth's crust have collided and separated repeatedly over geological time, opening and closing oceans between them. For some striking pictures visit our Photo Gallery.

When you vacation at Lomond River Lodge and Campgrounds you're located in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. Simply stated, that means you are always within easy reach of the abundance of cultural attractions that occupy Gros Morne's many small towns and villages. Exploring these quaint little hamlets will provide days of enjoyment, whether your interest be historical, educational, or simply indulge yourself in some of the best outdoor living available in Canada.

Western Brook Fjord

Western Brook Pond was once a fjord open to the ocean. As time went by and plateau was raised by crustal uplift, the fjord become landlocked into the lake we see today. The walls of Western Brook Pond rise to 2,250 feet above the water level. A 2-mile trail leads to the pond, where a boat tour travels into the pond. The trail crosses coastal bogs and three low forested limestone ridge. You can see examples to the Pitcher Plant, which is the Provincial Flower of Newfoundland. If you are lucky you may also see moose feeding in the bogs. A boat tour at the end of the trail takes you several miles to the end of the pond. Western Brook Pond has a glacially excavated basin more than 541 feet deep. The water is so pure that it supports minimal marine life. During the boat tour you see waterfalls and results of rock slides that both have happened in the past and recently.

During your stay at Lomond River Lodge you will have a great opportunity to see the abundance of wildlife in Gros Morne National Park. Moose and caribou are the most abundant big game animals but on occasion you will see a roaming black bear. However, for the wildlife enthusiast there are plenties of smaller mammals to be seen throughout the park.


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